Let’s Get Real

It’s been almost a year since I’ve published a blog post.  My last post was about happiness.  The post before that was about perspective.  In each of these posts, I promised that I would change my habits and my feelings towards life.  I promised to see things differently.  I promised to treat people better – remembering they have a path too.  But I find myself back in the same position and overall, my life has not changed.  In fact, over the last year several people who I thought were my friends, showed their true colors.  Maybe I showed them mine as well.  However, over the same year, I have made a few new friends that seem to be the real deal.

Many times over the past year I have sat down with a full post in mind, but once I started typing, the words didn’t flow.  The topic was too dark or my mindset was somewhere else and the topic fell flat.  Or maybe the thoughts through my head were too scattered and I couldn’t figure out a way to express what I really wanted to say.

But I really do love to write.  I have three journals I keep close by (one in the store, one at my nightstand and one in my home office).  They stay close to me for those times that I have a good thought, reflection or epiphany.    Or maybe I come across a quote I don’t want to forget.  These journals are getting full with random things from my mostly boring life, but one day I know they will become the timeline of my life on earth.  They define my daily habits and ultimately define who I really am.  These journals know me better than any friend, husband or relative in my life.  These journals get the raw thoughts from my mind that are unedited, uncensored and unfiltered.  I can assure you they are nothing newsworthy or what the locals would like to think.  They are pieces of me.  Pieces of my heartbreaks.  My failures.  My losses.  My loves.  Pieces of what makes me tick.  Pieces of what makes me whole.

Writing makes me whole.  It drives a creative passion in my soul that some days I can’t walk away from.  It makes me feel real.  It makes me happy and see things in a perspective not seen in the real world.

I hope you will walk with me on my new path now that I have cleared my mind.  My new path that may not always be pretty but one that will be honest, transparent and whole.

Now let’s get real.

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